Why Us

Our process is what makes us so different and allows us to get you real numbers.

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What we hate to see are clients being sold a project cost up front to only have that figure balloon well past their initial expectation by the end. This happens when personal and specific needs + selections are not accounted for or discussed up front before the project begins.

We utilize a very specific and intentional pre-construction design and consulting process before we ever break ground. Our process includes meetings, drawings, education and extensive planning to prepare all involved for the upcoming project. We take your budget and your goals very seriously and do everything possible to accomplish them through planning and communication.

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RDB was started as a company dedicated to providing Red Carpet Customer Service. Our success in this industry is directly related to our over-the-top customer service and attention to detail. We treat every client like family, whether you’re new to us or have been working with us for years.

We devote vast amounts of time to our clients. We will be at almost every architectural meeting, selection appointment, phase walk-through as well as being on the job site constantly. We are continually analyzing the details of every phase ourselves.

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Putting something together that looks pretty is only one part of the equation. What really matters and will stand the test of time are the things you don’t see. We build homes the way it used to be done a long time ago. With craftsmanship, care and the ideal that this structure should outlast our kids, not just stand for a time.

We continually have this in mind at every phase of the build, and with every decision we make. A short cut or a less expensive option now, always costs so much more in headaches and future costs. We are dedicated to doing it right the first time.

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We utilized every amount of the latest building science to construct our buildings that far exceed any code requirement. Beyond this, we also have the distinct advantage of having a sister company, Redfli Electronics, who has been on the leading edge of all home technology, security and more for over 16 years.

We will custom build your technology & security package. This allows many synergies, but coordination between companies is maybe one of our most valuable assets. It ensures no wasted costs, overlap, or mis-ordered products that will create issues later.

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Due to our existing relationships, we have the ability to offer what very few can. We are direct dealers of many various products. This means we purchase directly from the manufacturers allowing us to sell these items at a normal retail or below through better buying on our part.

From appliances, to building materials, to lighting and so much more, we offer clients direct access to hand selected lines that will enhance their house and in the process cost less than through normal avenues.